Need carpet squares AT LEAST 50!  Brrrr  winter is around the corner.  We need carpet squares to line the floors of the small outdoor kitty houses for the winter.  Carpet squares provide a cozy and warm bottom to the houses.  In addition we will be making cozy beds for them on top of the carpet.  Please ask stores if they have any to donate to our kitties.  They need warm homes.


Marketing Person: Fat Kitty City has an opening for a Marketing Person to assist with the recruitment of adult volunteers. We rely on volunteers to help us care for our 150+ kitties! Candidate should be personable, self motivator and have a commitment to helping us build our adult volunteer population. Position allows for a flexible schedule and welcomes creative marketing ideas to facilitate our recruitment.


Feeders: We are looking for feeders to help us feed our kitties. We want to have at least 3 feeders per shift (or more!) Training provided with feeding opportunities in the mornings and evenings. Let us know what day & time of day (a.m. or p.m.) you would like to assist. This job has a minimum commitment of a month; however, most of our feeders stay on for several months & years as it is rewarding to feed our kitties. Come feel the joy of feeding!


Substitute Feeders: If you are unable to commit to feeding weekly, would you be willing to be on our substitute feeder list? Sometimes our feeders or ill or go on vacations and they need a substitute. Will provide on the job training with another feeder.


Handyman: At times we need a few things fixed or installed at the sanctuary (i.e. mounting brackets to hang tools), build shelves. We would provide the materials if you can provide the time and skills!


Organizer at Sanctuary: Are you good at organizing? We have lots of cabins & storage spaces that need organizing. If you can come and help us ‘setup’ our spaces that would be awesome.


View a more detailed description of our volunteer opportunities at:
[VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins.]