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In  Memory of Elf

Our Elf Fund was started in memory of a little kitten that came in years ago, right before Christmas. His paw had been crushed in a trap while he was desperately trying to find any morsel of food he could. Even though Elf only made it for a few weeks, he received love and the best possible medical care. Our goal for starting the Elf Fund was to make sure that every cat that we are able to help will no longer suffer, whether it is for a day, a week or a year. We consider each one of these successes. Elf was cherished in the short time he was with us. He had finally found kindness, and when he went to meet his creator, he knew that he was special and loved, as all animals and people should be treated.

Had Elf recovered, his paw would have needed reconstructive surgery to the tune of $3000. One of our volunteer’s sisters had stepped up and offered to pay the full amount. It was then we realized, there are people who want their donations to be utilized for just these type of situations. Since its inception, many cats at Fat Kitty City have been saved from abusive conditions through the Elf Fund. Read stories below about some of our other Elf Fund recipients.

Please consider donating to our Elf Fund (no amount is too small), and all donations are tax deductible.  We need this support more than ever, to be able to provide the care for animals suffering in our community, animals that have no one or no financial support.

We also have “gift” acknowledgements for those people in your life who have everything. If you would like to consider making a gift in honor or memory of someone, please just make a notation in PayPal (use the “add special instructions to the seller” link) and we will send out an acknowledgment with more information on Fat Kitty City and all its services.


Please Donate to the Elf Fund!

China Blue

China Blue is our newest Elf Fund recipient. Next Door, a group formed to keep people updated on activity within their community, posted the plight of a stray cat that kept showing up everyday for food. Hoping he had an owner, the poster of the ad kept patiently waiting. As the days went by, she noticed injuries, and more injuries, until she feared for the cat’s life.

After seeing the post and learning no one would offer any assistance, Fat Kitty City contacted the poster of the ad. After many attempts trying to trap him, he was caught and brought to FKC. During an urgent exam, it was discovered how serious were the number of wounds, than originally imagined. We are hoping we got him in the nick of time, before he becomes sepsis.

China Blue, as we are calling him, is a sad reminder of the suffering all animals endure, as a result of not being spayed or neutered, (victims of vicious fighting during kitten season) many don’t survive, but rather die a painful and slow death by infection and starvation.

China Blue is making his recovery! See his photos above.


Tahoe is an older Russian Blue cat who was found starving and left for dead. He has hyperthyroidism and requires medication twice a day. It was difficult to medicate him at the same time each day at the Sanctuary. A compassionate person for whom we were once able to place a cat, called Fat Kitty City one day and asked if we had any “special needs” cats. We told her about Tahoe and she offered to take him home. Tahoe is now moving around her house, which is a very good sign. At the Sanctuary, he stayed in the same room, in the same spot, the entire time he was there. He seems to be enjoying his “forever home” and we know that he’s being well-cared for.


This is Lopsy, he is our newest Elf Fund Recipient. If you would like to donate to his care, adopt or foster him, he is available.  We are monitoring Lopsy’s welfare and will provide updates as he progresses.

Lopsy’s story from his rescuer: My son and I were taking a walk by Bertelson Park in El Dorado Hills. We saw a grey kitty laying in the dirt; I wasn’t sure he was alive. My son went closer and the kitty made quiet noises as if in distress. The kitty came to us and was so sweet. When I looked closer, I noticed he was a male that had not been neutered. He had a big wound in the side of his neck and needed our help badly. I knocked on nearby doors and the neighbors said he was a stray or neglected, and abandoned. I could not leave him laying in the dirt so badly injured and needing our rescue. We took him home and I called Fat Kitty City who are helping to nurse him back to health, and trying to find this sweet boy the home he deserves.

01/07/2017 ~ Update from Lopsy’s rescuer and foster mom: I’ve had Lopsy for over 3 months now. He’s very big, almost 20 pounds! He’s very sweet & loves affection from people. He did live outside when I found him so he’s very sensitive to noises and likes to be handled in a gentle way. He doesn’t start any fights with my other cats but they’re young and don’t like him, so they will try to fight with him. Lopsy is a gentle giant. He snores and likes to cuddle and sleep by me, or on my pillow by my head. He likes to drink from the bathroom faucet and lets me know when he wants to do that.

Here are two recent photos of Lopsy since his recovery:


Ranger is now ready for adoption! He is 1-2 years old.

His story as told by his foster mom:

Ranger was rescued by our family while we were on vacation. We found him lying in the crevice of two rocks on broken glass with a large cut on his leg, covered in burrs, infested with fleas, unable to “meow”, and lethargic, nearing death. It took about 12 hours to remove the burrs; his tail had to be shaved due to the fact that it was covered completely with burrs. His first food was a slice of a watermelon, including the rind. He chased that down with some salmon we had on hand and his next few days consisted of eating and sleeping to gain strength. Ranger was found at “Elephant rock” at the “Ranger station” where locals of Tuolumne county swim. His name was Ellie–after Elephant Rock–until we learned he was male, and, as one may say…he was large and in charge, so Ranger it was.

Ranger is a sweet kitty, he prefers the indoors but goes outside when encouraged, He likes to be pet, and, when he is finished, he will tell you. He is not a bully, lives well with other cats and dogs, but will not tolerate them harassing him.

Fat Kitty City provided full vetting and services to get Ranger back to health. He is now available for adoption! If you are interested in Ranger, call 916-939-3418 or email Cindy at


My name is Gino. I was owned by a man who had tied me outside 24×7, all of my very young life. I lived under a 5th wheel, in a dilapidated trailer park located in South Sacramento. Desperate to be free, I chewed through my rope on Father’s Day (June 19th, 2016) as I often did, and ran out onto the boulevard and was hit by a car! My front leg was broken in two places.
My owner took me to a vet to find out what the damage was. He learned that my leg was broken, and because he was unable to pay for my care, he just brought me home and tied me back outside again. I had been tied out for two days with a broken leg, when luckily I was rescued by two very kind ladies.
Imagine my joy, going into foster care with one of them! My broken leg was removed and the surgery was paid for by Fat Kitty City. Now, I am able to play and do pretty much everything any other dog can do! If you would like to help other animals in need like me, please donate to the Elf Fund! And by the way, I have been adopted into a wonderful home!



We got a call from a kind couple who had been caring for a stray female cat (Blackie) that had recently wandered into their yard. The couple noticed that she had a growth on her face, so they took her to the vet.  The vet said that Blackie needed surgery to remove the cyst, and needed some testing as well. The couple could not afford Blackie’s vet care, but wanted her to have a good life and to get the surgery she so desperately needed. They contacted us at Fat Kitty City. We took in Blackie, paid for her surgery, and provided the aftercare she needed.



Zane is a special needs cat because of being a tripod, but he is the sweetest, most loving cat and has no issues (he uses his litter box like a champ!), climbs, runs around and plays, better than a four legged cat! He is now up for adoption (should anybody be interested).

Zane’s surgery was about $1000.  Please click here to replenish our Elf Fund so we can help other animals like Zane!

View Zane’s pre-surgery photos – Warning: these photos are graphic and may not be appropriate for all viewers

Zane has a new lease on life! See Zane’s post surgery video.



KitKat is as sweet as his name – and as gentle and affectionate as any cat you’ll meet!

He came to Fat Kitty City after a tough start in life. You see his original owners declawed him – then after many years abandoned him – leaving him helpless and hopeless.

He searched in vain for his ‘family’ as he wandered the neighborhood for food and shelter. One day, KitKat found good fortune! A kindly gentleman took pity and welcomed him into his home. Being a pure white cat and declawed…KitKat was lucky to have survived! Life was good and KitKat was grateful to be loved again – until his owner fell ill and could no longer care for him.

So, KitKat had to find a home once more. The son of the gentleman who had become ill searched high and low for a rescue organization that could take KitKat. Not an easy endeavor, as this now ‘senior’ feline had inflamed sores on both ear flaps and his eyes were always ‘squinting’. But, the son kept looking and soon found Fat Kitty City!

Once KitKat arrived – he tugged at every volunteer’s heartstrings as he looked so sad with his weeping eyes and tender pink ears. After an exam by our veterinarian, KitKat was diagnosed with carcinoma on both earflaps. And, the reason for his ever-squinting eyes was that he suffered from Entropion lids (the eyelid folds inward and eyelashes scrape the cornea) on BOTH lower lids.

KitKat stayed in foster care receiving medication to soothe his irritated eyes and sensitive ears until specialized surgery could be arranged. On April 14th KitKat received the needed operation that would give him a high-quality life! He is now recovering in foster care and will soon be ready for adoption.

While his truncated ears make him look a bit like “ET” – and his soft blue eyes have some permanent scaring – KitKat takes it all in stride as he (once again) searches for a loving home!

Kit Kat’s surgery cost about $500.  Please click here to help cover the cost of his surgery and to renew our Elf Fund!

See KitKat’s video the day before surgery

See KitKat’s video after surgery


Dr. B. (Fat Kitty City’s vet) fostered Churro post-surgery, providing critical aftercare. Churro was recently adopted by a wonderful family who accepts his special needs and provides him with lots of love and care!

Churro’s surgery was $2800 with about $1400 raised so far.  Won’t you help us restore our Elf Fund by clicking here?!

See Churro’s video. He is now running around very happy!


Desperada was abandoned in a mobile home park off of Watt Ave along with several other cats. She was starving, was skin and bones, had diarrhea and worse. We had her at Fat Kitty City for two weeks in 24-7 intensive care around the clock.  Desperada started improving, and we were about to celebrate, but then she went totally backwards.  She was taken to Pleasant Valley Pet Clinic and it was discovered that she had “Cushings Disease” which is “rare” in cats, but does happen.  Even though she was only with us for 2-3 weeks, we know they were the best days of her life. She received more love and care during that time than in probably her entire lifetime.


August, in California, is the worst month of the year for cats. Worse yet is being abandoned without access to water or food – with no reprieve from the scorching summer heat. Discovered on the streets without any identification, Desperado was among the sickest and most fragile of cats left to fend for themselves in rural Fresno County. Animal services recommended euthanasia for this thin and badly matted Siamese-mix cat.

But, a supporter of Fat Kitty City saw something special in his eyes…the will to live.

Desperado’s second chance at life began with triage to stabilize and re-hydrate him for the journey to Fat Kitty City. Soon after arrival, he began to stand on wobbly legs, eat on his own, and respond to the touch of a loving hand. Volunteers became hopeful that little Desperado would survive!

However, after weeks of TLC he was still struggling. Desperado’s blood work indicated the need for further testing to determine the cause of his muscle weakness and inability to gain weight.

Jill, a FKC supporter, opened her heart and home to Desperado.  He lived another year in a loving and supportive environment. In a cat’s lifetime, that is like seven additional years, years that he would not have had, had the Elf Fund not stepped in.


Icicle came to us in July of 2014, afraid of his own shadow, thin and needing a lot of TLC.  He was semi-feral from being on the streets so long.  He would cower at the very back of the sanctuary (as to be invisible). After a time Icicle started to gain weight, recover and make strides. He was adopted into his new home in December of 2014.

Henry aka Buddy


Henry aka Buddy came to us in 2012 from Stockton, CA (a bad area for cats). It was evident he had suffered a “tough” life on the streets. In the three years he was with us, he struggled with one ailment after another that have been treated with proceeds from our Elf Fund. (His ailments were nothing contagious, just autoimmune, and probably from a lack of nutrition when he was trying to survive on the streets.)

Because of his chronic conditions, Henry would drool (a result of his teeth being therapeutically pulled, due to a condition known as Stomatitis). Henry’s fur would fall out, or he would pull it out, from what the doctor narrowed down to was a possible flea or food allergy. His breath would knock you over (so you had to avoid his mouth on the way up). None of these issues were fatal and could be treated, however, it gave Henry the appearance of being sick or in layman’s terms, a “misfit”.

The beauty of this story is that Henry had a guardian angel named Phyllis. She was able to look past all of Henry’s ugly conditions, only to find a heart of gold. We have so many well-deserving cats here at the sanctuary, cats that would give anything to have a chance at a home of their own.  Anyone looking to open their heart to one of these “misfits”, only has to read Phyllis’ story to know that there isn’t any better gift in the world than what Henry gives her in return.

A Happily Ever After for Henry aka Buddy…

My friend, Henry,

In May at the orientation for volunteering at Fat Kitty City, I met Henry and my heart went out to him. Each week when I volunteered, he was the first one I looked for to start my day. Since then, I got very attached to him and in the back of my mind, I wanted to give him a home someday. Sometimes the heart takes over and makes decisions for us. I decided it was time to adopt Henry. What a happy day for me! He is getting lots of love and attention from me and my grandkids. He is so sweet with his little pink tongue and his silent meow. He loves being in my lap with his happy purr. He has settled in nicely and seems really happy in his forever home. Thank you Fat Kitty City for making this adoption possible.



Winner was a slightly scraggly, long-haired neighborhood cat who hung around my house and several others’ where food was available. One day I was bringing a foster kitten back from the vet and there he was. All but his face was soaked in some sort of oil. His coat looked like some kind of spiky punk rocker kitty. I did not take time to get a photo, I just took the kitten in the house and then got Winner into the carrier before he wandered off.

I took him to the vet hospital, where he was bathed and checked over. He had cuts or bites in several places and damage to one ear and the eye on that side of his face. I took him and his meds home and tried to care for his injuries, especially around his ear but they needed care more than I could do alone. Cindy of Fat Kitty City was kind enough to take him on. She managed to clean out his ear and their vet saw that the ear drum was also ruptured. The Fat Kitty City team (Cindy, Ed, Vet, and Volunteers) spent hours, over many days treating all the damage.

I was not able to find out exactly what had happened to cause all of this. By the time he was well he had gained weight and grown such a beautiful coat he looked like a different cat. Just a really sweet guy!

Liz ~ Winner’s Guardian Angel


Mesquite and Teak

A litter of kittens, which was named “Trees”, were found buried deep underneath trash, in a dumpster behind a fast food joint. They obviously were not meant to be found. A Good Samaritan heard their tiny cries and called us. We had them fostered by Kitten Central (they did not think they would survive), and had them from April, 2015 to August, 2015. You’ll see below, Mesquite & Teak in their new home. All of the kittens survived!


Luke had been eeking (barely surviving) at PAWS (the sanctuary out in San Andreas).  He kept getting into one of the bear cages and pooping on the food, which can cause a fatal disease in bears.
Therefore, Pat Derby, asked if we would take him.  He was terribly sick (green discharge from both eyes and nose), positive for FIV and very old.  He wasn’t friendly at all, but appeared to be totally feral.
We began a treatment regiment through the Elf Fund, and as the days went by, he became friendlier and friendlier, but more importantly, healthier and healthier.
Once recovered, it was evident that he was not a feral cat, but actually, a victim of someone dumping him.  He craved affection like I’ve never seen in most cats.  He would rather have received attention, then food!
We had him for about 3 years, and he was definitely front and center and got as much affection as one cat could squeeze in a day.
Luke died in 2014 of heart disease.  He must have been twenty.  He was even eating and seem “spry” the day he passed away, so we know, he didn’t suffer.

Pumpkin Spice

Baby Chester was found in a trash pile with four other siblings, at only five days old. His human family had moved away, leaving his pregnant mother on the property. They returned later to retrieve her…but not her kittens. Two neighbors, Mike and Nancy, heard the cries of one of the kittens and went to investigate. They only saw one, which seemed horribly malnourished and immediately took it to a vet clinic that took it in to try to keep the little baby alive. Mike and Nancy returned to the trash pile and found four other kittens. Only two were still alive. Mike called Fat Kitty City for help, as he and his wife had no idea how to care for such tiny little creatures.

Just the day before, a lady named Loretta had stopped by our adoption kennels and introduced herself. She said that she had fostered many kittens previously and would be interested in fostering for us, preferably really young kittens. The next day, when we got the call about little Chester, we called Loretta who stepped in to assess the situation. One of the kittens had passed away, and that left only Chester. Loretta and her husband worked tirelessly to care for Chester, and did a superb job at keeping him healthy and on track for his kitten milestones. Approaching his 5-week birthday he was a robust 8.9 ounces!

As Chester began to grow a little, we discovered that he was a she, so his name was changed to Pumpkin Spice. Because of the very tentative start she had had in life, surgery and adoption were delayed until she weighed over four pounds. Pumpkin Spice was adopted by a friend of Loretta’s, who sent us a a picture in February 2015 of a beautiful Pumpkin Spice, happily stretching out in her forever home!


Fat Kitty City got a call in 2013 from a truck-repair business in Roseville, CA. Someone had dumped/abandoned a cat on their property, and they fed her for a couple of months, but couldn’t keep her because of the danger of all of the large vehicles coming and going on the property. She was skin and bones, de-clawed, and estimated to be 3-4 years old.

Cindy, the owner of Fat Kitty City, asked me to take “Vanny” to the vet for an exam and blood work, and it turned out that she was 10-11 years old, and was in need of thyroid medication. Since I already had Willy, a 16-year-old hyper-thyroid sanctuary cat on thyroid medication, I half-kiddingly said I should probably take her, so she could be medicated every day, along with Willy. Dr. Smith, our vet, looked at her and said that, in all honesty, being in a home would be much better for Vanny than trying to medicate her every day at the sanctuary.

Well, the rest is history. Vanny is now a healthy, thriving senior citizen, who seems to love her new home and enjoys being pampered and petted as much as she can get (which is a lot!)

Cynthia – Volunteer, Fat Kitty City


Footloose was thrown from the car and had his leg broken. Our vet, Dr. Smith, helped fix his leg through proceeds from our Elf Fund. Footloose was adopted into a loving forever home where he remains happy and healthy to this day!


On July 4th, 2012, someone tied a firecracker to Liberty’s leg and lit the firecracker! We thought these were only made up stories.

Needless to say, one can only imagine what happened to her leg. We cannot comprehend the suffering and pain that little Liberty went through, along with the fact that she even survived! Our vet was also perplexed as to how she could still be alive, considering the stump that remained was raw and still bleeding.

Thankfully, Liberty underwent surgery to remove the area affected and treat it with the appropriate medical care. This would not have been possible without the help of our Elf Fund, for which we owe our sincere gratitude to all of our supporters that donate for just these type of causes.

Donations are always needed for our Elf Fund to help keep these success stories happening, as we try and combat cruelty on a massive scale.



Elise contacted FKC back in April, 2012, about Willy not being fed at her son’s house. She became homeless and had her other three cats with a foster and for some reason left Willy with her son. When he stopped feeding Willy, the neighbors would feed him once in a while, but not anything consistent. He looked horrible when he first arrived at Fat Kitty City. Willy was emaciated, just skin & bones. We discovered he was also hyperthyroid and started treatment immediately. Our vets did not expect him to live. Cynthia, one of our long-time and devoted volunteers, took him home, and you can see the remarkable change after several years of love and care.


Khristmas came to us in December of 2012, through a kind Samaritan who had seen her dumpster diving for weeks. Her owners had moved away and thrown her outside to fend for herself. Domesticated cats cannot fend for themselves because of all the competition and other predators already established in areas, as well as the limited food supply available. (Khristmas is just one of hundreds that we receive at Fat Kitty City every year, under the same circumstances.) Most do not make it, because the damage done to their organs is not reversible.

Khristmas, renamed Chrissy, was our Christmas miracle. Laurie, a wonderful volunteer, took her home with the intention of providing all the medical care, TLC and food she wanted. Chrissy lived another 3 years with Laurie until her heart gave out. As much as we miss and love her, we accomplished what we set out to do in the beginning, which is to end suffering, provide a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) chance at life, and to let these animals know the kindness and love they deserve.

Thanks to our supporters, through our Elf Fund, we are able to provide the medical care necessary to save abused, unwanted, and neglected cats.


More Stories to Come…