Kitties for Companionship

“Kitties for Companionship” is a program which supplies cats on loan to retirement homes, senior living facilities, nursing homes, etc. We “loan out” cats to provide comfort to people and to help provide love, socialization and care for our cats.

This is extremely beneficial for both the cats and people, since human/pet interaction has been clinically proven to reduce stress and add to the quality and longevity of both humans and animals.



Meet Shorty!

Shorty is in our Kitties for Companionship program. Our program covers the vet expenses for cats (and dogs) to be fostered in loving homes. Shorty’s foster mom, Corrine, is very happy having him in her life and vice-versa!

The Elf Fund has made Shorty’s care possible so that he may have a good quality of life with Corrine. People in need of a companion reap the benefits of these programs.







Gizmo aka Hunter is happy and content in his home!








Lilly Licorice in her home, on her mommy’s bed! Lilly is in our Kitties for Companionship Program.








Frick and Frack live at a retirement home in town. Boy are they lucky, as they are being spoiled rotten! They are bringing love and companionship to the residents whom they visit room by room on a daily basis. Here they are keeping a friend company…