Meet China Blue our most recent Elf Fund Recipient

China Blue is our most recent Elf Fund recipient. Next Door, a group formed to keep people updated on activity within their community, posted the plight of a stray cat that kept showing up everyday for food. Hoping he had an owner, the poster of the ad kept patiently waiting. As the days went by, she noticed injuries, and more injuries, until she feared for the cat’s life.

After seeing the post and learning no one would offer any assistance, Fat Kitty City contacted the poster of the ad. After many attempts trying to trap him, he was caught and brought to FKC. During an urgent exam, it was discovered how serious were the number of wounds, than originally imagined. We are hoping we got him in the nick of time, before he becomes sepsis.

China Blue, as we are calling him, is a sad reminder of the suffering all animals endure, as a result of not being spayed or neutered, (victims of vicious fighting during kitten season) many don’t survive, but rather die a painful and slow death by infection and starvation.

After weeks of TLC, China Blue is recovering! See his photos below.

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