Our Mission

The Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund, Inc., (Agee) is a non-profit 501(c)3 Corporation, dedicated to ending needless animal suffering, through spaying, neutering, socializing, adopting and other aggressive approaches.  We currently operate our one-of-a-kind sanctuary, “FatKittyCity” on a twenty acre, tree-studded natural environment in Northern California.


Goals and Objectives

AMWF is dedicated to rescuing and providing shelter and medical  aid to abandoned or abused animals, giving  preference to those animals coming in from all the newly- homeless families throughout our area.

AMWF works with surrounding communities to rescue as many abandoned, abused or neglected animals as funds will allow.  Our organization provides sanctuary and all medical care possible, to hopefully restore the rescued animals to a healthy state, locating loving homes for them or providing them with lifelong sanctuary.

AMWF works tirelessly to provide preventative spay, neuter and vaccinations for rescued homeless animals.

Since October 1999, AWMF has undertaken a no-cost feral (homeless or “wild”) and stray animal spaying and neutering program.  We are currently concentrating in  Northern California – El Dorado County and surrounding areas  –  to control the crisis of overpopulation.  Within our first year, AMWF accomplished nearly 1,000 feral animal spays and neuters.

AMWF is also committed to ending animal suffering through preventative medical care and adoption programs.

In June 2000, PetSmart graciously allowed AMWF the use of a showroom within the store seven days a week, all year-round to adopt animals to loving homes.  In the first 18 months AMWF managed the adoption program, over 700 additional animals were adopted to safe, loving homes.  Today, AMWF continues to adopt animals at various locations every week.

In June 2007, AMWF undertook its most challenging rescue project by successfully rescuing over 75 homeless cats and kittens from condemned housing, located in Pollardville, Stockton, which was scheduled for demolition by a developer.  Seventy-five cats and kittens were trapped and relocated to AWMF’s brand new “FatKittyCity” permanent Sanctuary.  Unadoptable rescued felines are allowed spend the rest of their lives in peace and comfort at the sanctuary.  As a result of the Pollardville rescue publicity, we have also rescued another one thousand animals in our community…. and counting!  Our current program is ramped up to save about 400 unwanted pets per year!

Because of  today’s economic plight, the bulk of our rescues involve helping families who have become homeless. We place their pets at the sanctuary or try to adopt them into other loving homes

Every animal we adopt out:

  • Will have been properly evaluated and socialized.
  • Received appropriate veterinary care with proper shots, spaying or neutering.
  • Will have been adopted to a loving family, capable of taking care of them.
  • Has been micro chipped, for future identification/reunion with owners.
  • Can be returned to Agee at any time. If desired, a replacement pet can be chosen.

Our History

Founded in memory of doctors Richard and Betty Agee, the parents of Cindy Minghelli, we memorialize their life-long careers caring for both humans as well as their furry little friends.  Loving all animals, trained and licensed wildlife rehabbers (squirrels, raccoons opossums, skunks and some reptiles), Cindy & Ed Minghelli established Agee in October 1999, to help end the suffering created by today’s often-deliberate massive pet (dog and cat) over population.

We have been set up to be a very cost-effective, hands-on, grass roots organization, with all donated public monies going directly to the animals, in the most cost-effective ways.

Seeing the plight of feral (homeless or “wild”) cats, upon our inception, one of our first priorities was to fund a feral cat program.  This was established at no-cost to the public and was dedicated to the spaying & neutering of feral cats, to control the crisis of overpopulation.  It was enormously successful, having spayed and neutered nearly 1000 animals in its first year!  This included both cats and dogs.  Many organizations help animals, but most ferals are simply euthanized (KILLED!)

Our second priority was to set up a program to find loving homes for as many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies as could be trapped, socialized and placed, instead of returning  them to wild, or killing them (euthanasia).  In June 2000, our friends at PetSmart (Rainbow & Lake Mead, Las Vegas, NV) graciously allowed us a permanent  showroom for our adoptable pets, which was staffed seven (7) days a week, all year round.  This was an enormous undertaking, stretching our organization and funds to the limit.  In the 18 months we were there, we were able to spay, neuter and adopt over 700 additional animals!

In July 2003, we relocated to California and have taken on our biggest challenge – to open “FatKittyCity, a permanent sanctuary to provide MAXIMUM care to our  animals.  Most rescue groups, though doing their best, simply house animals in small, individual cages, or large “warehouse” commercial buildings.  There, cats do not have a “natural” environment, resulting in many contagious diseases spreading rampant through the facility.  Nor do they take feline AIDS (FIV) positive animals, or those needing other, serious medical regimens.  These are the “discarded” poor souls, with nowhere to run.

We have now established a “Sanctuary” for unwanted pets and are busy trapping, spaying, neutering, adopting, and caring for rescued animals.  At our Sanctuary, FatKittyCity doesn’t merely “warehouse” a bunch of animals in one, indoor warehouse, where diseases can run rampant.   It allows kitties to roam indoors and outdoors, in a protected environment, simulating a “forever” home.  They have the  necessary room to actually run, play and climb trees!

Nestled among a twenty acre tree-studded natural setting, Agee’s “FatKittyCity” is truly a paradise for felines and a select few dogs.

  1. We are one of very few facilities providing long-term care for feral or “wild” cats, along with the care and adoption of adoptable pets.  Most feral cats are simply “put down” at other shelters or sanctuaries.  Nobody seems to want them!  We have been tremendously successful in rehabilitating nearly two-thirds of our “feral” cats, then placing them in “forever” homes.
  2. We are a “no kill” philosophy sanctuary.  It is not our intention to “put down” any animal we rescue, unless for humane reasons (extreme suffering and eminent death).
  3. Also, since all property improvements, enclosures, cages etc. have been paid for by either grants or the founders, your funds are better used for the care, adoption, boarding and feeding, etc of our “little friends”.
  4. Your donations do not pay for salaries, advertising, capital expenditures etc.  Your donations are also, of course, tax-deductible.

Several of our Grantors have included:

  • Petsmart Charities–Corporate Office
  • Bob Barker’s DJ&T Foundation
  • United Animal Nations
  • Best Friends
  • The On Shore Foundation
  • The Summerlee Foundation

Current Grantors include:

  • The On Shore Foundation
  • The Glide Foundation
  • Petco