Our Sanctuary

Nestled among a twenty acre tree-studded park-like setting outside Sacramento, California, the Fat Kitty Sanctuary is a new concept in animal sanctuaries, providing much more than just a “warehouse” for rescued animals crammed into small cubicles in a warehouse building.

Our furry friends receive the proper room to run and play, climb and jump, chase and explore. They roam in a spacious enclosure which allows them to go indoors and outdoors, as they wish, and to be placed in an environment similar to what their new “forever home” will be like, when they are adopted.

Beautiful Feral - In the Shade
All the Comforts
Little Bit and Eraser
Adult Cat Cabin
Kitty Under Bushes
Cat Towers
Beautiful Feral - Kitten Nose
Kitty Homes
Quiet Contemplation
Yard Tools
Hammock Cat
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