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What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving means that you plan today to make a contribution to Fat Kitty City Sanctuary either now or in the future.  Typical planned gifts are: Wills, Endowments to “restricted funds,” gifts of personal or real property, and beneficiary designations of insurance policies or investments you own.  A planned gift also helps to insure the Sanctuary will be able to fund, in perpetuity, programs and services aimed at benefiting the quality of life for animals.  Unrestricted contributions are vital to the Sanctuary’s ability to respond to an emergency or crisis, as well as to the ever changing needs of animals in the community.  These gifts support the varied programs and initiatives of our shelter.

How Can I Make A Difference?

Giving Through A Will – Whether your estate is large or small, preparing a Will now provides an orderly process to benefit your loved ones and to help benefit animals. You can give a specific percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount, or you can leave a specific asset. You can also donate the remainder of your estate after expenses and gifts to your family. You may wish to notify us as to the terms and conditions of bequests you make to ensure your gift is handled as you desire.

Restricted Endowments – Restricted gifts allow you to choose a particular program that you wish to support. It limits the use of your contribution to this program only.

Gifts of Personal and Real Estate Property – Your donation of personal or real estate property which may appreciate in the future allows for a meaningful gift that grows in value. Donating assets which have already increased in value can save you capital gains taxes, generate a current tax deduction, and reduce your federal estate tax. These assets include real estate, stocks, bonds, collectibles, and more. Your attorney can help you select the right asset to best suit your situation.

Beneficiary Designations – Life insurance gifts may be contributed as a form of bequest without a Will. You may designate the Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or as the contingent beneficiary if your primary beneficiary predeceases you. An annuity or mutual fund, bank account, pension or retirement account may offer you the same opportunity to elect the Shelter as your beneficiary or contingent beneficiary.


There are several other options available. Your choice depends on your goals. An attorney or CPA can assist you in preparation of a Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Trust, Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity, or a Living Trust.

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