Rescue Projects

Trailer Park Trash Cats

In January, the Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund assisted in a project to rescue about 25 to 30 cats living at a Sacramento trailer park that was slated to be bulldozed on January 15, 2010.  These photos tell the story of the horrible conditions the cats were living in.  There were only two human tenants left at the time the rescue began – the rest having been evicted and having to leave their beloved pets to starve to death or be crushed under rubble.  One of the saddest aspects to this story is that it wasn’t their intention to just leave them – they, themselves had nowhere to live either.

Fat Kitty City being at full capacity (to overflowing) and without a huge donation in which to expand our sanctuary, we could not take in an additional 30 cats at the time. AMWF was working with Best Friends Animal Society and the Coalition for Community Cats (C4CC) to help get the word out about the pathetic situation these cats were living in, and to raise funding to help spay or neuter, get shots, testing, etc., and to prepare them for adoption, or temporary foster homes to allow them a place to stay until we could find permanent homes.

We started a fund just for this project calling it the “Trailer Park Trash Cats”. Any funds earmarked for this program went towards not only the cat’s medical needs, but to pay for their boarding, food, litter or to anyone  that opened their homes to these cats on a temporary basis.

We needed to act quickly to get the cats out of their horrible situation. Time was running out.  The city of Sacramento would not cooperate with us and was locking the gates on January 15th – no matter how many cats were left.   At the time before the rescue, they were barely being fed, there was broken glass scattered all over the place.

The friendly cats were to be run through PetSmart in order to find them new homes.  Our hope was that any cats deemed not adoptable, would either be placed in a barn cat situation or we might be able to house them at Fat Kitty City, depending on the numbers.


Trailer Park Trash Cats Rescue Updates


Oscar is awaiting adoption at the sanctuary (see Cats for Adoption) and Dot will be traveling to a ranch next week.


This is Teddy.  He is one of the Trailer Park cats we rescued and is adjusting quite well to life at Agee.   He isn’t up for adoption because he is feral.  He is up for being sponsored though!


We still need to find homes for several outdoor kitties from the trailer park.  Many of them are just languishing in foster homes because the are fearful and would prefer to be in an outdoor, reliable  barn/farm situation.  Please let us know if you can provide an outdoor home for these kitties.

This is Cydney, (Cyd) for short.  She is one of the trailer park rescue kitties who was adopted!

Update 01/09/10:

We spent the day trapping at the Trailer Park. In total, 20 cats have been rescued so far, two have been adopted, and several are in foster homes.  We want to thank Melinda for her dedication to the cats and her support in making this happen, and a special thanks to Joe, Kim, Bonnie, Paula, Julie and Janet.

Here are some of the rescue kitties:

Joe helping with a trapped kitty.

Update 01/05/10:

Ten cats have been rescued so far from the trailer park. We don’t yet know how many are left to be rescued.  Two of the ten are young cats (about 6 months old). They will be up at the old PetsMart in Folsom this weekend (1/8/10) for anyone interested in adopting them. They are both sweet and loving cats!  (the “old” PetSmart is off East Bidwell near Home Depot – 2705 E Bidwell Street – Folsom, CA 95630 – (916) 984-4748)

Here is a picture of the two 6-month old kitties who will be at PetSmart!

(See more pictures on the Cats for Adoption page.)

Great News! Both of the kitties have been adopted, together!





Pollardville was an old west ghost town near Stockton California.  The old landmark provided entertainment and food to the local area for decades.  Pollardville was right off of the main highway and was a great place for a restaurant but a bad place for cats!

Last year, a developer (who intends to bulldoze the ghost town to the ground) bought it.  More than 50 feral cats had been using the old ghost town as their home.  We trapped, spayed, neutered and provided veterinary care and rehabilitation/adoption for as many of the cats suspected to be residing under the buildings in Pollardville as we possibly could.

The site is now closed.  Any stray or tame cats remaining at Pollardville will likely be crushed to death when the buildings are bulldozed.  No one will be able to do anything about the animals that are left behind.  We tried to get as many of them out of there as possible.

The cats that we captured were taken care of and moved to our sanctuary in El Dorado Hills, California. It is our intention to find homes for as many of these little guys as possible. Those that remain feral will live out their lives at our facility, free from starvation, disease and the dangers of highways and cars.

If you can help us with the continued care of these special animals, please don’t hesitate to call us at: 916-939-3418 or send us an email using our Contact Us form.




The old repair shack frequented by many of the local cats.  The cats hid under these old buildings and trashy areas.





Some of our little “friends” who have come for some food.  Another fifty or more were in other areas of the Ghost Town.





Some of our Rescued “Furry Friends”

“Cream Puff”