Youth Volunteer Program

Fat Kitty City has volunteer opportunities for youth!

Many students volunteer because they love cats, and/or they need to earn community service hours required by their school/clubs. Volunteer time also looks good for building a student’s resume for college and applying for that first job.

An adult leads each of the work sessions and provides guidance of the work tasks.  Parents are invited to join the sessions or they may drop off their student during these designated times. Students younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult volunteer who has also completed an orientation session OR they may attend our sponsored youth group work sessions. Please do not drop off students without adult supervision.  Students may come to our work sessions as many times as they like.  We ask that each student try to come to at least a minimum of 4 total work sessions during a month’s period so they may learn the routines and become familiar with the cats.

Some of the volunteer opportunities are: helping to keep a clean and healthy environment for the cats at the sanctuary (most important!), fostering, assisting with specific cats to help them adjust socially, fund raising, creating adoption fliers, and assisting with adoptions at Petco or PetSmart.  We are always looking for students with any special talents in the area of art and computer skills.  FKC encourages youth to bring us ideas of how they would like to help, too.  Students are required to do more than socialize if they are earning community service hours.  Log sheets are provided for students to track their service hours.


PLEASE NOTE CHANGE:  We will no longer provide youth volunteer sessions on Wednesdays.

Students and adults are welcome to come any youth group work session and may attend all days if desired. We realize that students are busy with school and extracurricular activities. Fat Kitty City appreciates its students and any time they are able to volunteer.

Please contact Christie Cook Palm at with any questions.


Check out our youths’ photos…

Youth making connections with one of their favorite kitties


It takes a community to care for this special village of kitties!

Hey, do you have a group from a school, church, a sports team or a troop that would like to come and volunteer at Fat Kitty City? We can set up a special time to have your group come and volunteer with us. Please contact Christie Cook Palm at  to schedule a time.





As you know, Fat Kitty City is a nonprofit organization. This means that we rely on the community’s support to help us raise money and/or collect donations for:  food, shelter needs, and medicine for the cats.  If you have a group that would like to support us in some way, please contact Christie Cook Palm at  FKC is always needing bedding items (blankets, beds, pillows), food (dry and canned), kitty litter, and the list goes on. If your group would like to come and donate their time with us that would be great too. We can arrange a specific time for your group to come.


Do you have any imaginative or creative ideas to help us spread the word about Fat Kitty City? Perhaps you are a technology wizard and you can upload some fabulous videos of our kitties on our YOUTUBE channel?  Maybe you have business mind and have ideas to help us raise money for our kitties.  Please share your ideas with Christie Cook Palm at . We need to continue to educate the community about our great sanctuary and gather more support.


“Fat Kitty City was happy to be invited again to join the Volunteer Fair at Oak Ridge High School. Youth volunteer leaders shared information about FKC’s awesome youth program. Many students signed up to earn their community service hours serving our sanctuary. Thank you Oak Ridge students for continuing to support our kitties!”