This is a TEST Caption - This is the Fat Kitty City sign made from wood, hanging on the gate
deer at Fat Kitty City Cat Sanctuary
Bridge at the Sanctuary
lots of kitties

Buy a shirt, help our kitties!

Help us to replenish our Elf Fund by purchasing a Fat Kitty City shirt for yourself, a friend and/or family member! There are multiple styles of shirts available, from t-shirt to hoodie. The fund is 14 days long (ends on December 1st) and shirts will reach you two weeks after the end of the fund. So, get your shirts while you … read more...

Winner in profile

A Winner in Our Eyes and Hearts

Winner Winner was a slightly scraggly, long-haired neighborhood cat who hung around my house and several others’ where food was available. One day I was bringing a foster kitten back from the vet and there he was. All but his face was soaked in some sort of oil. His coat looked like some kind of spiky punk rocker kitty. … read more...

Dana in recovery

Meet Dana, our newest Elf Fund recipient

Needs Rescue by 10/22 or will be euthanized… Spend any amount of time with this girl and your heart will break. We rescued Dana from our local shelter, as she was set to be euthanized. She had come to them with a broken pelvis, and several other medical issues. She is very hand-shy and crouches every time someone goes to pet … read more...

spooky 2

Meet Spooky!

Meet Spooky, our kitty of the month for October! Spooky is available for adoption. He is one year old and neutered. He loves to play with toys and to cuddle. Spooky is okay with other cats, dogs are to be determined. If you are interested in adopting Spooky, please contact Julie at 916-939-3418.   … read more...