Linda Clark is again hosting a garage sale at her home to benefit Fat Kitty City and it will take place during the 17TH ANNUAL BROADSTONE NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE, on Saturday, April 22nd, from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you would like to donate items this week, please call or text Linda as soon as […]

Meet Pretty and Siami!

Pretty and Siami are a bonded pair. They are available for adoption together. Pretty is 1.8 years old and is a Maine Coon mix; Siami is also 1.8 years old and is a Siamese mix. Both are sweet and affectionate cats that love to be pet!

Meet China Blue our most recent Elf Fund Recipient

China Blue is our most recent Elf Fund recipient. Next Door, a group formed to keep people updated on activity within their community, posted the plight of a stray cat that kept showing up everyday for food. Hoping he had an owner, the poster of the ad kept patiently waiting. As the days went by, she noticed […]

Spring Cleaning for the Kitties

HELP US DO A SPRING CLEANING FOR THE KITTIES FAT KITTY CITY, FKC is the only sanctuary for cats in northern California, and it is in your backyard. At FKC the cats are provided with: food and medical care, indoor shelter, a safe environment to explore the outdoors, and lots of love. One of the […]

Look who is Helping!

Fat Kitty City was visited by this Brownie Troop who brought our kitties lots of gifts.  They brought food, bedding, and toys they hand made!  As you can see the cats thoroughly enjoyed their attention and love.  Thank you girls for making Fat Kitty City’s day.

Meet Gato – A Special Needs Kitty

    Gato is FIV+. He is very affectionate, playful and bright. Gato loves human companionship; he wants to be with his person all the time! However, he does not like other cats; he needs to be the only cat in his home. Unfortunately, Gato has a wet stool that just won’t clear up.  Many tests and trials have yielded […]

Meet Tahoe our newest Elf Fund Recipient

Tahoe is an older Russian Blue cat who was found starving and left for dead. He has hyperthyroidism and requires medication twice a day. It was difficult to medicate him at the same time each day at the Sanctuary. A compassionate person for whom we were once able to place a cat, called Fat Kitty […]

Lopsy has been adopted!

We are extremely happy to announce that Lopsy, the kitty we helped through the Elf Fund, has been adopted! We wish Lopsy and his new family much joy and happiness together!

Lopsy is ready for adoption!

Lopsy was one of our Elf Fund recipients. He is now available for adoption! His story and update are told below. Lopsy’s story from his rescuer: My son and I were taking a walk by Bertelson Park in El Dorado Hills. We saw a grey kitty laying in the dirt; I wasn’t sure he was […]


This is Lopsy, he is our newest Elf Fund Recipient. If you would like to donate to his care, adopt or foster him, he is available.  We are monitoring Lopsy’s welfare and will provide updates as he progresses. Lopsy’s story from his rescuer: My son and I were taking a walk by Bertelson Park in El Dorado Hills. […]