Please Help Us End Needless Suffering

We can’t do this without your help. All donations received will be used to help save the lives of these innocent victims.You too can help save the life of a homeless cat for less than you would spend on a trip to the movies.

Remember that 100% of your donations go directly to the animals. We have no administrative costs that are not paid for by the founders of Fat Kitty City. We employ no salaried workers. All labor is cheerfully volunteered.

You can make your donation by using the PayPal buttons below, or you can mail a donation to:

Mail a donation check to:

Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund, Inc.
c/o Cindy Minghelli
4354 Town Center Blvd., Suite 114-245
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Download a Donor Form to accompany your check.

Interested in Volunteering? Please visit our Volunteer page to see how you can become a volunteer to help FKC.


Make an online donation of any amount

(If your donation is in memory of, or in tribute to, a person or pet, please indicate this under “special instructions”)


Make a Monthly Recurring Donation

Feral Friend: $25.00 USD – monthly
Angel: $50.00 USD – monthly
Hero: $100.00 USD – monthly
Miracle Maker: $300.00 USD – monthly

Recurring Donation Options


Donate to the Elf Fund

Make an online donation of any amount to the “Elf Fund”:


Also, please visit our Elf Fund Support page for photos, stories and much more information about our Elf Fund recipients!



Donate to the Solar Array

Make an online donation of any amount to the Fat Kitty City “Solar Array”:



Donate to the Miracles Building

Make an online donation of any amount to the Fat Kitty City “Miracles Building”:


Become a Fat Kitty City Guardian Angel

Sponsor a cat that is not eligible for adoption (a feral or a cat that has special needs) for its lifetime for a one time $1,000 donation. Your donation includes photos, updates (including medical care), video per year, and a plaque with the name of an animal of your choice (see available cats on our Sponsorship page) on the entrance to the sanctuary.

Upon the passing of the cat, a memorial will be placed in the cemetery in memory of your support. If a cat passes away, the lifetime support can be transferred to another cat.




Thank You For Your Help

Of course, all donations are tax deductible
Federal ID # 88-0435331